by novemblyindeed

Hi guys! This blog belongs to two girls who were born in November. We decided to start the blog today because it’s the first day of November and it’s a very special day that my friend had a chance to see this beautiful world.

To greet November, I will talk about something nice that always happens in this month. It’s ‘YEE-PENG’! ‘YEE-PENG’ is the Thai tradition which I really love! We always do this in November of every year in the northern part of Thailand. OMG! It’s winter there! Imagine you are up on the hill with a little bit cool weather and watching the night sky lightened by these fire balloons….. ooh what a beautiful moment!! Thai people believe that floating a fire balloon up in the sky is to worship the angels in the heaven.


Do you believe in these things? Something you can’t see it but you do believe that it exists….. So many things in our lives that we believe. Something your heart can hold on to or helps you going through the day with a big inspiration. I have so many things that I believe. Something might sound stupid to you if you know but somehow it’s so true to me. So when you believe in something strongly, you will see it clearly in your heart. It’s there. It’s true. It will be come true. Do everything with your heart that believes it truly. Impossible things are gonna be possible! You might think that I’m saying what people always say but trust me if no one keeps telling you this. You will forget to trust it deeply. You will just believe it but deep inside you always think that it’s hard to happen. Just like me! I let myself live with a thought believed that nothing’s gonna be true for a while but now I realize! So trust it!! I will tell you right here again at least I can wake someone up! :-) ( or make someone feel dozy already LOL! )


Hello November!

Happy Birthday to My Beaute!

My favorite person


I wish u ALL THE BEST!!

Thank you for being my bestie

Thank you for always understanding me

You know I love you! (-:

Have a sweetest dream tonight! <3



Tawan Y.