by novemblyindeed

Have you ever thought that your life can be different? Have you ever thought that may be, someday, things will change? Lately, I’ve been asking myself “Is this the way that I want to live my life? I have only one chance to live, then why wouldn’t I live it my way?” You may think I’m talking nonsense here. But for real, have you ever ask yourself, the same question as me?

Since I’ve just passed my 21st birthday, I’m starting to think about what can I do, to make my life memorable? Well… I’m not saying that you should go apply for “American Idol” or “The Voice” or anything. Just something that worth reminiscing. Something that twenty years later from now, you’d find yourself with a little smile on the corner of your mouth while thinking of it. Something like that.

For me, I’ve decided that in this life, I’ll go visit all the places I’ve wanted to see around the world. I’ll go to Japan, Korea, Greece, France, Italy, Spain and so much more! It seems a bit crazy and somehow you may think that it is an absurd idea, I know, but it is the purpose that I’ve set for my life. I may have different aim from you but we all just got to live our lives the way we want, not the way they are supposed to be. Therefore, I promised to myself, whatever decision I’ll make from now, it’d be to achieve this purpose of my life. Keep your finger crossed for me while I make my way there!

Today’s quote: “Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.  ~Lillian Dickson

Also, today is Aoey’s Birthday! Happy birthday to my BFF  ♡

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me & I hope that our dreams will come true someday!


Ps.It’s been 7 years since we know each other ;) let’s make it to the 100!

Until Next Time,

Beaute C.