Count On Me

by novemblyindeed

‘Time changes, people change.’ yes, it really does! When all of those feelings are fading away, when all those precious memories seem to be vague, and they are all vanished away eventually. Then, yes, you are forgetting someone.

I was wondering that all of those priceless memories that happened between people can be forgotten that easy? Is there somebody you can always count on? ; Someone who is not relative to you by blood. To meet that person, it’s just like a fate. The possibility is as less as you found antipodes which appear no more than 4 percent on earth. Once you had found him or her or even better….. “Them” but then one day you found yourself can count on them no more because as time drifted away, they care less about you and you are fading away from their memories. You’ve got too much hurt, too much painful. Too many tragedies from them that you learn to live by yourself. No, I’m not that strong. I just learned this from someone who has got so many wounds.  ‘No more counting on other people that much!’ is what she said and so far it’s what I can’t do. I always feel bad with those unintentional acts or words from my friends and I can’t easily get over it. Perhaps I care about them too much. As the matter of fact that I have no sibling; cousins aren’t the same, which I think it might be a part of a reason why I care a lot about them. Cause I might look at them as my friends and my siblings.

I think that when you did something nice to someone, you just want something which doesn’t have to be the exact same thing in return but just some little thing to lift your heart up sometime like when it comes the day that means a lot or when shit happens! I think everyone wants this at least from one person. They need your hand to pull them back on their feet again or just to give them some more courage to face this cruel world.  So, be that “antipode” person for your friends. Please care a lot about your friends. Please don’t forget about every little thing that you’ve been through together. Keep reminiscing those happy moments you spent together. Please look around, see if people around you need any help. See through them and reach out your hand.

To you,

Tawan Y.