by novemblyindeed

With the fact that my junior year is now nearly come to an end, I’ve started to think about what path should I take after I graduated? I wouldn’t say it is too early to think about it because it’s only a year from now. Many thoughts run through my mind this past two months but I still can’t decided what step should I take for the next chapter of my life.

Well, at least there are two ways that seem to be explicit while others are all vague…

The first trail, I’d follow others’ advices where it’d be easier to accomplish i.e. easier to make money. Or would I take the second trail where it’d be pretty damn hard to achieve the goal and the road to success is rather bumpy. Should I take the easy way and just enjoy with what it can offers me? Or should I try my best and choose the route that I’m satisfied even though it’ll lead me to an ambiguity?

Should I strive towards my dream or should I just wake up and stick my feet to the reality?

What is my happiness? What can make me satisfied? These thoughts keep popping up in my head and I know I may sound selfish – only wanted to do what makes me happy. But wouldn’t you, too, want to create your own path and just ignore what others might think of you?

I admire those chasing their dreams. Because I’m now, realized that it takes abundant courage to believe in your own strength.

Today’s quote: Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. ~Aristotle

So, is this your suggestion, Mr.Aristotle? LOL

Pardon me, for making this blogpost kinda depressive. Sorry guys :-p

Until Next Time,

Beaute C.