‘the novembers’ story’

               Hello, world! This is a blog shared by two Novembers – me and my beloved best friend. It started off as a little project between us to create some place that we could share our thoughts and feelings and this blog is just the place! We’d want to communicate with everyone through this blog and hope that our little project’d be a success.

               It is nice to meet you all and we hope that we’d share something which you can related to. Feel free to leave a comment!

“Don’t frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile.”

With Love,

Beaute C. & Tawan Y.

Getting to know us ;)

“Beaute C.”

DOB: Nov, 1st

Blood Type: A

Likes: Christmas, Spa day, Aquarium, Pinkish-stuffs, Daisy & Lavender, Bulldog, Selca, and Amethyst.

Dislikes: Cucumber, Straw Mushroom, Orange scent, Pigeon.

Interests: Good movies, Good TV series, Good songs, Good quotes, Good chilling places, Good travelling guide books, Good cooking & baking channels on youtube.

About: I think of myself as an ordinary person, somehow I still wait for someone who will disagree with me.

“Tawan Y.”

DOB: Nov, 12th

Blood Type: B

Likes: Autumn, Bedroom, Music, Movie, A book with a hot drink, Warm sun in the morning, Fresh air, Poppy, Homemade dish and The Moon.

Dislikes: Pigeon, Cockroach, Beetroot.

Interests: Music, Movie, Travelling.

About: People always judge me from my appearance and most of them miss a chance to really know me just because of their own thoughts. They never realize how much they have lost for doing that to anyone.